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Buy Driver’s License, Passports, ID Cards And Other Documents

Buy Driver’s License, Buy Real and Fake Passports, Buy ID Cards, Buy Real Resident Permits

Welcome to Express Personal documents. We are the best solutions to your driver’s license problems, resident card issues and passports issues. We have documentation agencies in Europe, Canada and the USA. Working as a union has made it easy for us to solve complex issues concerning personal identification. Also, to all clients who order directly from our website, we deliver documents purchased directly to their home. Moreover, we have specialists who corporate in all EU countries including the UK to provide real documents to our clients. However, our influence have lately been expanded to the US, Canada, middle ease and Asia where we now get regular clients too.


In Italy, London, Canada, Toronto, New York, Florida and all around the world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain or get a valid driving license. This problem has gradually amounted to crises and has created a business on its own. If you are looking for reliable professionals to provide for you an express driving license in Europe, Canada or USA, look no more. We have a wide range of registration agents in most countries who assist us in the registration process.


Buying a real registered passport from us is not complicated. First, we need accurate information from our clients to register their information for the the passport. Moreover, it is very easy to buy a registered passport from us. Secondly, with your correct information, we forward this information to our registration agent in the specific country to get your information in their database records. In addition to getting your information in the database, at this stage, we get a valid passport number for the client who buys the registered passport. Lastly, it is important to know that when you buy a registered passport from us, it takes just 4 to 7 working days to get through this process and deliver your new passport.


Buying ID Cards from us is easy and delivery is quick. Our id cards are top quality and widely used by our clients. ID cards take a maximum of three days for productions. On the other hand, fake id cards are done same day as application. Clients buy id cards from us for so many uses like:
ID card for job application,
ID card for a double identity,
ID card for to increase age and gain access to clubs and alcohol. and so much more


Express Personal Documents is the best place to buy a real residence permit. Also, we do not take more than five working days when you buy a residence permit from us. You can also buy a real residence permit from any EU country. In addition to that, when you buy an EU residence card from us, we provide a valid residence card which is acceptable. Moreover, we equally issue Canadian residence permit and the US Green card as well. Finally, our residence cards have been helping people across, Europe, USA and Canada to get quality education, get good jobs, and reunite with family members.

We started issuing resident permits in the later months of 2015 . Since then, we have offered over 1,000 resident permits as at 2023. Most clients to
whom we offer resident permits come from Germany for German residence permit, Sweden for the Swedish resident permit, UK for the UK resident permit, Switzerland for the Swiss resident permit, Canada for the Canadian
resident permit
, USA for green cards, and many other EU countries.


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